Sketchy the sketchpad Is an optimistic, colorful, and creative artist at heart. She loves to draw and is very sweet and optimistic all the time. Sometimes, being optimistic everywhere she goes, she may be annoying to unpassionate objects, such as Thermo, Nail Clippers, and Ice tray. She is also very crafty and flexible, being very helpful during challenges. She has many friends including Plungery, Bug Netty, Painty, Knight Helmet, Rainbow and Stripey. She is also empathetic, as of TGRFTMR one, when she encouraged her team to do their best, winning their way out Of elimination at the last second.


Sketchy Is a sketchpad with a lot of designs. Her front has a rainbow above the words “GetCreative!L on her front. She also has a lot rainbow animals on her front and back. These include A Bunny, Dog, Elephant, and Dolphin(Front). A Cat, Squirrel, Rabbit, and bird (Backside). She has a black spiral on the left of her, half rainbow(bottom half) and half black (top half).


  • The Cat And Dog being on different sides may reference to Cats and Dogs seen as enemies most of the time
  • This may also reference to other things like how Cats hunt fish, being that the only water creature is on the opposing side of the Cat, wich is the Dolphin.
  • This Can also reference to how Dogs Chase Squirrels, being that, once again, the Dog And Squirrel being on opposite sides.
  • sketchy is my Seventh OC and Fourth female OC.
  • Sketchy being a Sketchpad is a reference to one of the teachers that appeared In DHMIS, the sketchbook, being nicknamed Paige by DHMIS fans and in DHMIS fanfic including her in it, to it being a Sketchbook that also enjoys creativity.
  • Sketchy Is the first Female to end with an attached y ad the end in TGRFTMR.
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