Rainbow is an optimistic, jolly, and high spirited contestant. She is great friends with the following:

Sketchy, Stripey, and painty, And also possibly knight helmet. Other than this, not much else is known about rainbow‘s personality.


Rainbow is a rainbow with the colors(Ordered from top to bottom): Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Violet, blue, and indigo. She has clouds on the bottom of each side of her arch shaped/like body, being identical to the rainbow from Challenge To Win(CTW).


  • Rainbow is exactly identical to the Rainbow from Challenge To/Two/2 Win, the only difference separating them from being exactly the same character is their personality, MY rainbow being Younger and more childish and into arts.
  • She is My nineth OC.
  • Rainbow Is the only one if two on her team not having y at the end of her name, the other being Knight Helmet, A.K.A. KH, for short.
  • She’s also the only one in the “super awesome league thingy of Super Cool And Creative Artists” not to have an unessescary y at the end of her name.
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