Stripey is a young and childish little artist. He loves to add more color to any drawing and, in a mental way, to any conflict or situation just to brighten up someone’s day with a little bit more detail. He also enjoys talking, as, whenever he’s talking about colors, he cannot ever seem to stop himself. However, he always means good and he would never endlessly talk about colors and painting and coloring to purposely annoy his fellow teammates And/or fellow contestants altogether. Overall, he’s a young little boy who means good.


Like Rainbow, he is armless, and, also like rainbow, Stripey is multicolored, specifically all of the colors of a rainbow, excluding indigo, blue, and purple. Stripey is a slightly thinner than usual, rectangle, unlike rainbow.


  • Stripey is the eleventh OC I’ve ever created.
  • The reason for Oddly excluding the last three colors of the rainbow(bottom),Blue, Indigo, And Violet/Purple, may be to show that Stripey is a jolly good boy and optimistic good boy, too, since the colors Violet/Purple, Blue, And Indigo show sad feelings, such as sorrow and regret.
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