This is the Mistake remake page, as I like to call it that, at least. So, here’s the REAL Infobox for Bug Netty, so, Please comment and I wish u enjoy!


Bug Netty is overall a very goofy and empathetic character, and is Best friends with Plungery. He is quite generous, too, as of when he stated that if he won, he’d donate half to charity and give the rest to everyone else whom competed, wich most of the objects that weren’t very familiar with him didn’t believe him at all.


He is a one and a half foot tall, being the tallest contestant, towering above at “9 INCHES TALL”, and yes, the uppercase was on purpose, so whatever you do, DON’T edit that part and try to change it. If you DO try to change it, then I WILL find and I WILL report you to server admin. And please just don’t add anything unesscescary to the article, or edit words that are spelled correctly into incorrectly spelled words, like “too” to “to” or “two”. And DON’T hate on comments that are good feedback or just for fun comments, apbecause cyberbullying is straight up WRONG, just,..WRONG! So that’s it, pls don’t break the rules on the articles.

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