Nail clippers is very independen, brags almost all the time, boastful. She loves gossiping about younger objects or, what she calls thems, “uglayyy” objects. She also despises it whenever people try to tell her to change, to stop what she’s doing, or to tell her what to do, making her team very angry at her, really, the whole cast angered at her, but she doesn’t care one bit. She can also be very aggressive and kills whoever angers or annoys her as fast as she can so she can text to her family or her friends or boyfriend far far away from the object show main area.


Nail Clippers, or Nc, for short, is a pair of glossy glittery silver coat of paint. She bears eyelashes with dark mascar, fake pink blushing on her cheeks, and a pin purse she carries with her around her left arm wherever she goes. She also occasionally wears sassy scarlet lipgloss that she mindlessly bought on one of the ads she saw on the new tv she recently bought at her old house, and she also has purple eyelids that always have bags under them, hinting at that she may be mean since she never gets sleep. Or she likes to party frequently, or saying that she drinks.


  • NC is the second female I made, the first being magnet, and she’s the third OC overall.
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