No this is not Dou from DHMIS, it’s my on OC. GET THE DIFFERENCE, PEOPLE!!!!!


Doi is very dumb, as shown by naming his team BRONIE KIDDIES, alongside magnet. He’s also shown to be quite a caring person, as shown to his BFF, magnet, throughout TGRFTMR.


He has red and brown on the outer rim of his body, being a rectangular shaped body. The white is the next layer, and then the black layer is the last layer. since the black layer is where his face is, his face is white. He has all four limbs.


  • In the character info/informatoon box, it’s supposed to say doi has white eyes, not black ones. Please, please, PLEASE fix that, I’m working on finishing the rest of my OCs before TGRFTMR one.
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