Magnet is the second OC I ever created.


Magent is random, weird, and very, Very, VERY Idiotic, like II taco before She revealed her true identity at the end when she lost against OJ, infuriated. Other than being random and stupid, not much is really known about her.


  • Magnet is the first Girl/Girl OC I have ever created. Including just being the first female object I created, overall.

She shares a large resemblance to the character of the same name in Object Insanity, sharing some similarities in appearance, too! Including the color scheme, silver for the magnets at the top and bright and vibrant red at the bottom, the 3-D affect, and the shading and both being incredibly stupid and random.


She’s a three dee shaped magnet with different signs of magnetism right blue left red, serving as Magnet’s eyes. Her magnets are the silver tonsils, shaded with a bit of darkish grey. The bottom rack is ripe red, vibrant, catching the eye, sorta like the color of a tomato.
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