Plungery Is my first Oc, and the first character.


he is kind and caring when he’s not cleaning, and somewhat goofy. He loves spending time with close friends And always finds a good spot in conversation to crack a pun. He’s also optimistic, like all the time. Literally. Well, when he’s not cleaning, at the least...

but, because he’s a jolly contestant, he was popular amongst many of his teammates. His BFF Is Bug Net, wich only he calls him nicknames like BN, BeN, and/or buggy/ Netty.


  • He was the first of many things:
  • The first and only so far OC to be created by me.
  • He is the first character to ever have arms at the bottom while legs at the top.
  • He is the first Male character I created in The Great Race For The Mysterious Reward, The first character in TGRFTMR overal.
  • He was origanally going to be flipped upside right, but I decided not to do that.
  • He was also going to be legless, still flipped upside down, but I trashed the idea, thinking he’d be hated by other users, having the inability to move. I really want him to stay in the game for a long time, like how Cary/Michael wanted Lollipop to stay longer in the game, trying to mend lollipops unstable connection with taco.
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