"Already, Really?!" - Firey

O.L.A.F. Camp! might be cancelled due to a lack of updates, and it shall be classed as cancelled until further notice

(short for oh look! a figuratively-stupid-troc-ripoff-camp-thingy!)

so this is basically troc and corn but it's hosted by vemsa idk

sign-ups are open

sign-up as a character of yours to enter the camp. however, you must include a picture of the character with your entry


  • Question Box (ButterBlaziken230)
  • Warm Milk (Shanemulrooney)
  • Illuminati (Chikako The Meowstic)
  • Rook (DarkRookYT)
  • Dove Chocolate (Mattkilledme!!!)
  • Mirror (A random person YT)
  • Bad (album) (WheeliumThe2nd)
  • Gooey (Ruth10)


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