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Notebook, known as The Teacher, is a character of TBFS who rips off Fridgey.


Notebook is a teacher, so their. He likes math, like Baldi, and asks questions frequently, often rewarding people with "special prizes". However, he hates incorrect answers or answers not taken seriously. He has an incredible hearing ability and knows who made it two, so no, you can't easily lure him out of trouble without something like a whoopee cushion. At any point Notebook attacks by spanking people with his ruler, and if you open him up he will reveal ANOTHER face, however it is a badly drawn Baldi face with his lips broken. He usually shows this when somebody gave him either incorrect answers or answers not taken seriously, and when that happens he goes very fast, just like Baldi going very fast if 21 questions are incorrectly answered.


  • Notebook was based off of Baldi's Basics. This is why he is holding a ruler and why he gets aggressive when somebody doesn't answer his question right or don't take it seriously. This is also why he says the object show needs a good bully, and his favor of Lightsaber.
  • Note that the TBFS template is basically the TFFM Template but with one minor edit.
  • The "opening up" part was added to sound more like a Fridgey Ripoff.


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