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Nonexisty is a male recommended character in BFDI. He could've joined BFDI, but he only received 11 votes to join. He also had a chance to join BFDIA, but was disqualified due to his absence. He also has a chance to join TPOT. He doesn't exist at all, though he talked in Inanimate Insanity episode 4. He didn't compete as a contestant in Battle for BFDI, but some people think that Nonexisty has appeared in every episode even though he doesn't exist.


He does not exist.


The Fabulous Flower[]

Nonexisty is mostly said to not exist but the objects knows that he exist and he is just invisible. Nonexisty hates being called nothing and hates anyone who calls him that. His most common way to show that he hates them is by hurting them (like "kicking" them or throwing stuff at them). Despite this, he is friends with almost everyone because only a few have called him nothing (These contestants are: Basil, Battery, Kitchen Sink and PDA (even if they are technically right because he is based on nonexistence). Despite being sometimes aggressive and violent to a few, he is extremely nice to his friends and loves to help them. He was sure that he was going to join TPOT but even then, he is still happy that he is at least in a competition show (although he was still disappointed that he didn't join TPOT).

Fan Fiction[]

Object School for BFDI,II BOTO OR anything[]

Nonexisty is shown to be good at soccer always soccer bomb his opponents he can speak but rarely he loves soccer there.

Battle for the Palace in the Sky (better version)[]

Nonexisty is a male contestant in it. He was taken by PierceUltra.


  • He made a cameo in episode 4 of Inanimate Insanity, where he helped Nickel to escape the Locker of Losers.
  • He is the second character to appear in two object shows, the first being Nickel.
  • Even though Nonexisty is supposed to be nonbinary, it has been proven that Nonexisty is male due to Ruby saying "Aw, you missed him!".
  • Nonexisty was also proven to be able to talk in episode 4 of Inanimate Insanity.
  • He is the host of UOF. and League Of Objects
  • He is one of the two characters from BFDI to not appear as contestant in Battle for BFDI, the other one being Evil Leafy.
  • He is the only major character in BFDI to not be a contestant.
  • He told ice pop something and is now hated by her.
  • There's an art trend on the BFDI subreddit where people draw literally nothing and say they drew Nonexisty.


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