Nintendo Switch Logo is an OC, created by ButterBlaziken230.


Nintendo Switch Logo’s body is a small box, with a picture of the Nintendo Switch console logo on the inside. In between the two joy-cons, is his right eye. Not far away from it is his left eye. His arms and legs are placed correctly.


Nintendo Switch Logo’s Personality is similar to the personality of Xbox Logo. Nintendo Switch Logo doesn’t do much, and is always a bystander instead of getting in on the act. You would think that Xbox Logo and him would be allies, but no, they are enemies. Nintendo Switch Logo says that Xbox Logo just wants to copy him and that he was he original. That is the main argument, but sometimes they squabble for the sake of squabbling. People like Firey Picture try to get them to be friends, but it doesn’t work. Nintendo Switch Logo is Enemies with Xbox Logo no matter what!


  • Nintendo Switch Logo is quite good at sport, he just doesn’t know it because he’s never tried.
  • Some people see Nintendo Switch Logo is immature because of his accusations on Xbox Logo.
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