Nightmare Pin Is A Nightmarish Version Of Pin(BFDI)


Nightmare Pin Seems To Have Been Severely Wounded,As She Is Missing A Hand And A Foot,Her Eyes Are Concealed By Bandages,Which Are Stained With Blood,She Has A Massive Scar Above The Bandages,Her Eyes Are Bleeding,And She Is Crying Tears Of Pain.

Personality & Backstory

Despite Her Horrifying Appearance,Nightmare Pin Does Not Want To Harm Anyone,Which Is What Caused Her To Be Slaughtered In The First Place.

She Lost A Hand And A Foot,There Is A Scar Where Her Brain Was Taken Out,And Fed To A Zombie Tiger,Her Eyes Were Gouged Out,And Covered With Bandages,And The Killers Poured Salt Into The Incision In Which They Removed Her Brain! That's Just Atrocious. And After That,The Killers Stabbed Her In The Back! However,They Were Unable To Remove The Knife,And Their Fingerprints Were Identified. The Killers Were Executed 2 Days After Pin's Death.

The Killers Are Still Unknown To This Day,As They Also Killed The Witnesses.

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