You all are crazy!

Neon Pickaxe, also known as Neo, Pick, or Picker, is a female contestant in Pickaxe Attack and a supporting character in OC Adventures.


A more explained story can be found here.

When Neon Pickaxe was born, her parents died from the rainbow lava. Neo almost died, but she swallowed the rainbow lava around her. She escaped the lava, but then more rainbow lava came pouring out of the middle of her head and in a straight line on her body. Overnight, the lava outside Neo crystallized to block the lava inside her and form a transparent stone that looked like glass.

OC Adventures



Neon Pickaxe is very spiritual. She likes to have a lot of people around her at times. She is pretty ditzy, however.


  • RUNNING GAG: Neo often calls Braixen "Fox Creature" and Chespin "Green Chipmunk" rather than thier actual names.
    • This is a reference to Beaver Boy in the show Peep and the Big Wide World.
  • RUNNING GAG: Neo often gets harmed and\or upsetted by other characters, mainly Braxien when Braxien gets triggered.
  • She has a pretty low IQ (46) due to being eight years old. Due to this, she asks about what she does not know.
  • Like Butterfly from Melody Star, Neon Pickaxe likes cute animals.
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