Navy Domino is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


Navy Domino’s appearance is similar to Blue Domino’s appearance. First of all, Navy Domino is a darker shade of blue; his spots are also very dark in colour. Secondly, Navy Domino has arms, and not only legs, like Blue Domino has. Finally, Navy Domino’s spots are a 2 and a 4, whereas Blue Domino’s are a 4 and a 5.


Navy Domino can mostly be seen walking around, finding something to do. He likes playing games, but also really likes nature. He’s really fond of trees and likes to plant them. Since this is an unusual hobby, Evil Blaster got his alliance to bother him. However, they started to respect him for doing good things to the environment. Navy Domino is also pretty funny, and likes to tell people jokes.


  • Navy Domino has donated £5 to TeamTrees.
  • Navy Domino’s favourite game is Cuphead, since he likes the difficulty.
  • Bacteria Splat is Enemies with him.
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