Image Name Gender Price Unlock
Cake Male N/A Start
Donut C Open
Donut Male 750 Coins Win 5 Rounds
Eggy BFB Intro
Eggy Female 1050 Coins Win 10 Rounds
Fries intro bfb
Fries Male 1250 Coins Win 5 Rounds

With Donut

Gelatin BFB
Gelatin Male 1750 Coins Win 15 Rounds
LollipopIDFB (1)
Lollipop Female 2050 Coins Win 5 Rounds

With Gelatin

Pie Female 2250 Coins Win 20 Rounds
Taco intro 2
Taco (BFDI) Female 2750 Coins Win 25 Rounds
185px-Waffle 5b
Waffle Male 3050 Coins Win 30 Rounds
Orange Juice OJ new pose
OJ Male 3750 Coins Win 35 Rounds
British Taco
Taco (II) Female 4050 Coins Win 40 Rounds
Cheesy (WillyBilly2006)
Cheesy Male 4750 Coins Win 45 Rounds
Cherries New Pose
Cherries Both Male 5050 Coins Win 50 Rounds
Try apple on
Apple Female 5750 Coins Win 55 Rounds
Pickle Redesign
Pickle Male 6050 Coins Win 60 Rounds
Cheese Orb Body
Cheese Orb Male? 10000 Gems Get VIP


Image Name Gender Role
New Book Pose
Book Female Tells You The Basics Of The Game
Cookbook Male Works At His Shop
Wizbook Male Works At Level-Up Center
Fairy Tale Female Wizbook's Girlfriend
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