The BFDI objects saw the Announcer coming back, and they asked him about BFDI and Dream Island, to which the Announcer replied "BFDI is cancelled, and Leafy will guide you to Dream Island. I will call on N (an object) to help you find Leafy who is unfairly stuck in Yoyleland. As for the BFDIA newbies, it's off to the LOTLCL with you! (LOTLCL is the TLC inside the Locker of Losers.)

The BFDI contestants are unsure of how they can get to Yoyleland, as the 2763-mile walk is too far off for them to manage.

Then N drops in wielding a megaphone and a sword. 

"I have a flying power but it's very limited. It's only about 5 times faster than walking." said N.

Golf Ball interjects saying "Walking would take 921 hours or 39 days, nearly impossible to manage, but with N and his flying power, it's about 185 hours, or 8 days, far less time than walking."

"GB's right, she's very smart. Thank you Golf Ball. But we should set off now. I can hold all of you since most of you are quite light, and Spongy can use my Magic Wings so he can synchronize my path." said N.

The contestants set off to Yoyleland, but about halfway through, when they are about 1,500 miles away, N's signal goes off.

"I ran out of energy, so I need to recharge. I can't fly or go on for now. I leave you on your own for now." N said.

The contestants are unsure how they can last 20 days walking, and 39 days on the return. But N comes back.

"I'm fully charged, and now I can teleport, but only alone." N says.

N teleports to where Leafy is, but she has turned into Evil Leafy. N and EL fight, but N wins, and EL is under his power.

"Send me to where the contestants are, and we'll all go to the objects worlds together. I command!" N says.

Evil Leafy has to do this, so she turns into Leafy, and the contestants are brought back to the object world, but they don't know where Dream Island is.

In response to this, Leafy rips her certificate (that says she owns the island) so it's voided, causing the island to come back.

The contestants head to Dream Island and let N and Leafy onto it, where they stay.

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