if you would like to yous these characters in your object show just tell me first and say pictures came from me


Bio about the characters

Names Gender Likes Dislikes Good At Bad At
DVD Pizza being called a disc good a mental chalanges physical chalanges
Lava Lamp Lamps Being touched Punching and huring peopel Running
Dirt Grass fire and water at easy chalanges hard chalanges
Poster everything nothing thinking chalanges physical chalanges
Bowl Spoons being under-used nothing everything
Sunny being the center of attensoin not being the center of attension physical chalanges thinking or mental chalanges
Mirror to be admired being broken Running chalanges everything else
Evil Ruby To be evil Being good Hurting others helping
Cardy being depressed being happy sitting running
Cardette to be reaelly happy being sad running sitting
Beach Towel To be used all the Time Being put in cabnets Being gorgouse any phisical activity

Pink: Girl

Lightblue: Boy

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