Mushroom is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


Mushroom is a small mushroom that is possibly poisonous. He has a colourful red top and the bottom of him is a small beige stem. He has a really large tongue that usually sticks out. He only has legs, and is missing arms (that most objects have).


Mushroom is a funny person that has no cares in the world. He has one passion, and that’s to entertain people. He wants to be a well-received comedian - something everyone can enjoy. However, some people have made his journey through life pretty troublesome. Evil Blaster’s Alliance are a group of people who like to annoy him, but Mushroom can fight back. He can kick them to the ground and give them a beating they don’t want to remember! Some people have suggested that he should get interested in sports, since he would be good at it. Blue Spoon is his best friend, as he encourages him to do the right thing, and he is one of the main people to introduce him to sport.


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