Okay, let's do this!


  1. You may hurt & heal a character every 1 hour.
  2. You've got two points. It could be used in different ways, but you can't go overboard with it. So yeah, hurting and healing is one point.
  3. There is events (credit to AVDOS creator). See events at bottom.
    1. Extra Points - 4 points for one turn; use it wisely!
    2. Thievery in a Spot - One item is taken away from you
    3. Creator's Wrath (or Laugh) - The creator has two points like others, but with TRIPLED damage/healing
    4. Poison Rain - 1 damage to all characters
    5. It's Raining Cannonballs - 10 damage to five random characaters
    6. DOOM Mode - It's time; this event lasts until someone kills a contestant! Points are reduced to 1, and HP is reduced to 1. After the event all contestants except those who died will get back to 15 HP.
    7. Mix 'em Up - Everyone's damage they make will be mixed into a GIGANTIC POWER BALL WHICH WILL DEAL 29 DAMAGE TO AN OPPONENT!
    8. Item! - Get free item!
    9. ELEMENTAL Rain - 3 damage to characters who don't have the specific element (Ex: Steel Rain, anyone who doesn't have steel essence will be damaged)
  4. Max heal limit's 30. Anything that surpasses it will make the contestant EXPLODE!


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