Monsanto Logo is an evil OC Made by BrownFamily1108. He hates everyone. (mostly Raspberry FizzQuilt and Quake 2 Logo). He hates everything, except for chemicals, cruelty, poisoning others and killing others.


See Monsanto Logo/Relationships.


  • He is BrownFamily1108's absolute least favorite OC.
  • He might be the most hated person in the Object Show World other than Gelatin.
  • He is little less worse than Recommended for You.
  • Some people used to be in his alliance, but they were kicked out due to being irrelevant.
  • He is the Deadliest Logo known.
  • Monsanto Logo is one of the 5 OCs made by BrownFamily1108 that is no longer used by the creator and is officially confirmed dead.


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