Monocle is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


Monocle is a monocle, which is a thing worn on peoples eyes. This thing is a round black ring with a glass inside. Monocle has some sort of black string dangling from him. Monocle only has legs, and doesn’t have any arms.


Monocle is a person who is known to be intelligent, but uses this trait for bad. In the past, he has manipulated people who are not as clever as him into working for him. He is the manager of a large company who make cartoons; the people who he’s manipulated work for this company. Evil Blaster’s Alliance have tried to shut down the company because the cartoons are boring to them, not because of Monocle’s devious doings. Luckily, Christmas Bauble and Walking Stick have picked up on Monocle’s manipulative behaviour, but have not done anything about it currently.


  • Monocle was originally going to be older. However, he was made younger.
  • Monocle currently has -1, Slime Can and Cursory working for him.
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