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The Deranged




  • Hivey
  • Tomato
  • Bug Net
  • Sign
  • Emoji


  • Baubel
  • Axe
— Moneybags

Moneybags, known as The Deranged, is a character on The Fight for Magic.


Moneybags is a very strange competitor on the show. Despite his lack of limbs, he is very expressive and can have mood swings. When he get's angry, he goes ballistic. For instance, one time he ate Axe because he made a joke about him having no brain, and another time, he started spewing out massive coins at other contestants.


Moneybags is a generic sack of money from a cartoon, with a red string tying him up. A green dollar sign appears on his forehead.



Moneybags was eliminated second in BTWTUP, however he rejoined, only to be eliminated the next episode. Muneybagz wun da show becaus hez better then evryone especiully that meanie battle reviewz and erned his well-deservd prize that I can't rember.

- Muneybagz SaranthaTFFFM


  • His greatest fear is a politician playing the bongos. It is not known why.
  • He can shapeshift, but he will always have the same colours, a knot on his head (where he is tied shut) and the dollar sign on his forehead.
  • When really angry, sometimes he can turn into his demon form, sometimes nicknamed 'Omnipotence' by Saranctha, where his eyes become semi-realistic, his dollar sign turns into a red pentagram and his mouth becomes very grotesque, with his teeth and gums growing from the side of his mouth and his tongue becoming very long, with the ability to split into multiple tongues. Overall, this form is very creepy. However, he doesn't gain any specific abilities with this form, besides the tongue ability and also beign so scary that he can freeze people in place.
    • As of now, the reason why he can do this is unknown, but it is hinted that is is related to makign a deal with Satan.
  • Moneybags ate a black hole one time, and now he can spit out anything in the known universe.


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