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Mobians are the friendly creatures in Jacknjellify's Sonic The Hedgehog continuities for which the main setting is the planet Mobius (from which the name mobian is derived). The precise definition of mobian varies by continuity, sometimes being a general term for residents of Mobius (and used in comparison to residents of other planets, including Earth where these are different), and sometimes referring specifically to the various species of anthropomorphic animals that are the main residents of Mobius (and thus used in comparison to other species, e.g. Humans).

Mobians are sapient, being capable of speech and generally (but not universally) bipedal and anthropomorphic. Even those based on animals typically have human-like hands with five fingers. Some may also have toes, although that is less common since, for instance, Mobians who are based on anthropomorphic ungulates have hooves for feet.


The Mobians are the anthropomorphic animals. (Which is multiple hedgehogs too.)


  • The Mobians are a bit tallers as objects are bit small.


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