Minecart is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


Minecart is a minecart, similar to the ones in Minecraft. Minecart is a grey box with 4 black wheels. Minecart only has arms, but can get around normally with her wheels (it would seem weird for her to have legs and wheels).


Minecart is a simple and nice girl who likes to entertain people. She just likes seeing people happy, so she takes people for rides, since she’s a minecart. She’s also proved useful in many missions that White Spoon’s Alliance do, even though she’s not even part of the alliance. Minecart is mainly liked among the other objects.


  • This character was originally Male.
  • Minecart has been an idea in ButterBlaziken230’s head for quite some time, but was only created recently.
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