Hawaii Liy

Milliandra as seen in the 2005 episode Hawaii Resort... Not, shortly before her teeth became irriversibly damaged

Milliandra Segina Warwid Malma Pectora Lancaster Lilliandra Mournbester Liy (1991-) is a female lightswitch related to Liy and Sci-Liy. Milliandra is a soda addict. She was designed to look like Liy, but the only difference is that brown, decayed teeth sprout from her animated mouth and can be seen when Milliandra is not talking. Milliandra debuted in Battle of the Objects in 2005 and by episode 15, had drunk enough soda to irriversibly damage her teeth and also debuted in Battle of the Objects II in 2008 for five episodes until she was pulled out for dental surgery and did not return for the rest of the series. Milliandra will return in Battle of the Objects V in 2018 but her teeth will still be unhealthy and brown, as revealed in a backstory in the first episode of Battle of the Objects V, and she is an unwanted contestant due to her poor oral hygiene. Also, Milliandra has confessed that she has never brushed her teeth in her life, and hates toothbrushes. She sometimes gets nightmares about toothbrushes, and having clean teeth.

The dentists tried their hardest to clean Milliandra's teeth, but the 2008, 2009 and 2013 attempts failed. The doctors told Milliandra that by the year 2025, there will be a SuperTooth cleaning device that can whiten a tooth, no matter how irriversibly damaged it is. Milliandra is scared by this and fears that after 2025, her teeth will never turn brown again. It is revealed that in 2025, the SuperTooth cleaning device is only 0.043% complete, and that Milliandra will probably die before it is completed in 3401. This made Milliandra feel relieved.

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