Milky is a female OC created by Young Little Unicorn (talk). She is also a recommended character in Battle for Trillion Dollars (created by Object shows 200) recommended by Young Little Unicorn. Otherwise, she competed in Abandoned Island - Hurt and Heal and is yet to be killed.


Milky is sweet and friendly towards her friends but is mean towards her enemies. She is also known to have a short-temper and fuses when angry. On the bright side, Milky is quite idiotic and naïve, also quite innocent.

Despite her innocence, she also suffers from 'amnesia' and barely remembers anything that happens the day before. Milky never intends to hurt anyone but she also tends to be bold and stand up to people.


She looks like a normal milk carton, with the name at the front shaded in red. (The design was created by Object shows 200, credit to him).


Abandoned Island

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  • Milky is one of Young Little Unicorn's main OCs.
  • Milky unlike any of the previous 3 OCs, never made an appearance in any roleplay.

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