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Milkshake is a male contestant in BFTPITS. He was originally taken by MegaDaAwesomeAnimator but he is now taken by Jpatayas who has also taken Battery.



Milkshake is a prankster and a comedian, always telling jokes and pulling pranks on others. His status as a comedian makes him one of the most popular contestants. He is always accompanied with a green puppet simply named Puppet. He often tells jokes using Puppet. Milkshake is actually very respectful to others and doesn't like making harmful pranks to others. He is almost always happy and joyful and always believes in other's abilities. Milkshake hates the violence and wants to stop certain people for being violent to others (like Kitchen Sink and Scissors). He is possibly the only contestant that respects Avocado, thinking he is a great guy, good friend of is and should be more respected by others. Despite not known for being dumb, he doesn't have the most amount of common sense and can make mistakes sometimes. Some speculates that he never got angry once his entire life and Milkshake doesn't remember being angry once even. Milkshake doesn't die if he loses his liquid but he gets depressed (Milkshake's liquid always has the ability to return back without any help but it takes a while). He is also very nice. Milkshake loved pranks and jokes pretty much when he was born.


Milkshake says that Puppet always has the best jokes to tell and he is gentle and never rude.


  • Milkshake is the first contestant to get a re-signup for another user because his original user quit the game.
  • He is the first contestant to die in the storytelling, as in the comments of BFTPITS, he shattered after tripping on a rock.