MephoneX is a minor character in Inanimate Insanity.


They were created by Meeple's owner, Steve Cobs. MePhoneX makes their first debut in Hatching the Plan. They are seen in the animation after the credits. Not much is known about them except that they have the power to electrocute people.

In Hatching The Plan, MePhoneX makes their very first appearance on screen. As Toilet is seen carrying a bindle, he comes across the remains of the ship MePhone4 had rescued MePad in in Mine Your Own Business. As the silhouette of MePhoneX emerges from the ship's door, Toilet mistakes them for MePhone4. They then come towards Toilet, two claws raised menacingly, seemingly ready to attack. Not much is known next, as the episode glitches and goes to black.


The Personality of MePhoneX is quite sadistic like their deceased relatives: MePhone4S, MePhone5, MePhone6 and MePhone6+. They are shown to attack unknown people (people they do not know) as seen in the end of Hatching the Plan. They either attack by using their robot arms or electric tasers. It's unknown if MePhoneX has any other powers or not.


MePhoneX is quite similar to their deceased relative, MePhone4S. The only difference between them and MePhone4S is that most of their screen is blackish-red and they have a red X crossed on their screen. They have robot arms, not like the rest of their deceased and living relatives.

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