In this story, Teardrop, Pen, and Firey try to take down a robotic Taco. (Taco of Inanimate Insanity)


(Teardrop is seen reading a book, then hears a huge stomp)


(Pen is seen taking a red speaker box selling hot dogs)

Pen: Admit it! You stole my paint-ball gun!

Red speaker: Do you want a hot dog or not? (gets killed by a metal lemon)

(Pen sees MechaTaco)

Pen:Oh.... my.......... crap-cakes!

Ice Cube: (screams)

{MechaTaco spits Lemon at Ice Cube}

Pen: That did not just happen!

{TearDrop sees outside the window and sees MechaTaco}

MechaTaco: SHAMPOO!

{TearDrop is runs out of her house}

Scream of Ice Cube.

Next Page.

{Pen runs to Blocky's house}

{Pen knocks}

{Blocky Opens}

Blocky: Pen? It's been forever! 

Pen: Blocky, my pal, how's it been?

Blocky: I've been lonely.

Pen: Yo, where's Eraser? 

{Blocky stops}

Blocky: Eraser, got killed by cancer. 

Pen: What?!?!

Blocky: Ever since you left the gang, me and Eraser have been living in a old house. Eraser got the cancer and he died in his sleep.

Pen: I can't believe this!

Blocky: Neither did I. All I had was a picture of Eraser to remeber him by.

Pen: I miss him already. {Sobs} 

Old Photo of Eraser.

{TearDrop puts Ice Cube back together again}

Ice Cube: What's happened?

{TearDrop points}

Ice Cube: Oh. What are we going to do?

{A object appears}

Object: Come with me if you want to live.

Pen: {In his head} man, Eraser's dead. I can't believe it.

Pencil: Hey Pen, What are you doing here?

Pen: I came to visit Blocky, Turns out Eraser's Dead!

Pencil: Pen, I'm Sorry.

Pen: It just happened.

Pencil: Well I see a giant Metal Taco destroying Object World!

Pen: What? Let's Investigate.

Ice Cube: I think we're in troube.

{TearDrop Nods}

{TearDrop takes him down}

Ice Cube: Thanks TD.

I'm Teardrop and I know it!

{TearDrop pulls object up}

Ice Cube: Tell us, why were you taking us.

Object: Self Destruct Lemon counting  down to 10....9......8

Ice Cube: Oh no look out!

{TD and Icey duck and run}

Object: 3.....2.....1.....Bye-Bye.


Ice Cube: I think MechaTaco was leading us into a trap.

Pen: Explosions, Dead Objects, this serious business!

Pencil: You're telling me.

{MechaTaco sees Pencil}

MechaTaco: SOURCREAM! {Grabs Pencil}

Pen: Pencil!

Pencil: Pen! Save me!

Pen: I will! Someway. 

{Ice Cube and TD appear}

Ice Cube: Pen, what happened? 

Pen: MechaTaco took Pencil.

Ice Cube: Oh No!

Pen: Let's work together and stop this menace.

Ice Cube: I agree!

Pen: There she is!

{Pencil Shouts out}

Pen: We have get into MechaTaco 

Ice Cube: But How?

{Teardrop pulls out rope}

Ice Cube: It seems like you have everything TD!

{Teardrop clings on to Mechataco}

Boomerang {Just for fun}

Pen: Now!

{Pen, Icy, and TD get on to MechaTaco}

Pen: Okay we're here. Now what?

Ice Cube: Well let's look around.

(After a while)

Pen: Um, Guys you might wanna see this!

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