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This article is about cannibal hunter's character, MePhone5(Object Blowout). Though everyone can edit this article, this article cannot be adopted.

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"MePhone5(Object Blowout)" is not an official name, the name has either been given by fans, or was what the character was referred to by others.

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MePhone5 is the host of Object Blowout(2012) and Object Blowout. He is not to be confused with MePhone5.


MePhone5 is the most cynical host of any object show. He enjoys only cheeseburgers and elimination. His challenges are more miserable than him. It's rumoured he strangled Flower from BFDI, but that's probably not true.

Hunter Jacobs, The Big Book of Object Blowout


Human Names

  • Michael Phillip V(sodapopper3)
  • Jackson "Meep" Franklin(thewugglejack)

Where MePhone5 comes from

  • Chicago, Illinois, USA
  • Easter Island, Isla de Pascua, Valparaíso, Chile
  • Tol, Micronesia
  • Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA
  • Vero Beach, Florida, USA
  • Santa Rosa, California, USA


  • 13/05/1981
  • 12/10/1981
  • 27/09/1989
  • 05/04/1990(agreed on)
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