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The Martian Cylinders were the transports used by the Martians to reach Object Earth. From Mars, the cylinders were fired (or launched) at Object Earth and reached it in ten Object Earth months. In all, ten cylinders were fired during the Invasion. No reason for why the shots ceased after just ten were ever given, but three theories have been forwarded:

  1. The exhaust gasses from the gun/magnetic accelerator on Mars greatly polluted its atmosphere, causing greater-than-expected inconvenience.
  2. The gun/hydrogen accelerator itself was badly damaged and rendered unusable.
  3. The first ten were a reconnaissance team, and that if they didn't report back the invasion was called off.


The Martian Cylinders are the gray futuristic-like transports.

The Cylinder opens

Futuristic hydraulic door sound effect (1)

The lid hits on the ground

Ground Smashing Sound Effect

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