Mario & Luigi Hats
Mario and Luigi Hat
Mario & Luigi hats as they appear in Object Twoniverse.

Voice Actor

Mario Hat: TheTGrodz Luigi Hat: AnimationEpic

Eliminated in

Mario Hat: Inanimate Overload Luigi Hat: TBA


Mario Hat: 14th Luigi Hat: TBA


Mario Hat: Luigi Hat (Sometimes), Asthma Inhaler (Possible Enemy of Mario Hat), USB Luigi Hat: Mario Hat (Sometimes), USB


Mario Hat: Luigi Hat (Sometimes), Asthma Inhaler (Possible Friend of Mario Hat), Whistle, Rocket, Badge Luigi Hat: Mario Hat (Sometimes), Rocket, Butter




Both Male

Mario & Luigi Hats, labeled The Delectable Duo, are contestants that are currently competing on Object Twoniverse. They are the two hats of the two Italian plumbers from the Mario series, and while they need each other but Mario Hat thinks he is better than Luigi Hat, showing his arrogance.

Mario Hat's Personality

Mario Hat, labeled The Power, is shown to be a competitive and strong character, contrasting with his brother. Although being quite rude and insulting to Luigi Hat, he also appears to be quite caring, as when Luigi Hat seems sad he says "Spaghetti?" in a suggestive and curious manner. He was Eliminated in Inanimate Overload

Luigi Hat's Personality

Luigi Hat, labeled The Glory, is a lot more nervous and is always shadowed by his brother Mario Hat. He made one of the first references of the series when he said "I hope she made lots of spaghetti!" which is a constantly used Mario Brothers riff as of the weird audio (although it doesn't make sense with the previous lines of the episode). He has grown rather passively needy, and thinks he doesn't get enough attention, which may be true. 


  • Despite putting down on the signups as two people, they were originally counted as one person.
    • Therefore, Window stated if one of them get voted off, both will leave. This did not happen at Mario Hat's elimination, though. This might be because of their separation, however.



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