The Marines are a type of Terran soldiers in Jacknjellify's War of The Worlds 2: The Next World. They originates from StarCraft.


Work hard, play hard, die young... but not today!
~ Terran marine on StarCraft II: War Stories

Regarded as foundational units. Marines compose the bulk of most Terran front-line forces, ranging from officially government-sanctioned units, local militias,and private security firms, to pirates, renegades and mercenaries. PPKoprulu Sector]] marines are generally equipped with CMC Powered Combat Suit and rapid-fire C-14 rifles. The suit provides full life-support and NBC protection, allowing marines to deploy into environments that would otherwise be inimical to human life. Massed marines form a flexible and highly effective fighting force for both offensive and defensive operations against both ground and air targets.StarCraft Field Manual (hardcover). Insight Editions, July 17, 2040.

Despite such material investment into each marine, they tend to have extremely short combat lives, the expectancy being mere seconds. Blizzard Entertainment. Accessed 2007-09-03. "While expendable, the massive losses of terran Marines during the Great War began to become cost prohibitive. The Medic's use of chemical modifiers has greatly enhanced the survival rate of UED forces, lengthening the expected battlefield life expectancy to over nine seconds." To improve their effectiveness and odds of survival, many marines make heavy use of stimpacks.

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