Map aka Flying Around The World is a contestant of Fight for It. 1 2 3 Go!


Map is a map of a presumed country of 3 islands colored in green in an ocean of blue. There is a star on one of the islands assumed to be the capital city of the country.


Map loves Geography and exploring the world, in fact, he was best friends with Building Block during childhood where they would explore places.

Map is also what you'd call a bragging nerd. He brags about how good his geographical skills are and would tease other people if he thinks they didn't "study".


  • Map's old design used to be a World Map taken from the internet.
    • His second design was similar to his current design but was unnatural as it was made up of just circles.
  • Despite being rectangular and flat, he hates flat-earthers and believes that they have nothing inside their brain.
  • His title, Flying Around The World is a reference to his flying abilities and how he believes the Earth is round.
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