Magnifying Glass is a male recommended character who failed to join Inanimate Insanity.


Magnifying Glass is a grey magnifying glass who has a light blue glass "face".


Magnifying Glass is a introvert, being anti social and not talking much. Despite this he is a quick thinker, as he used 8-Ball to defend himself last minute when Teddy Bear used a paint gun at him. He is a bit unintentionally rude, referring to 8-Ball as a inanimate object and using him for his own personal gain the get further in the competition.


A New Stage In The Game

He is one of the 10 competitors to have a chance at joining the show. In his audition, he didn't say anything. He was recommended by JaySillyBoy

War De Guacamole

In the paintgun challenge, Magnifying Glass uses 8-Ball as his shield, but Teddy used her paintgun to shoot them, causing them to explode.

Sugar Rush

Magnifying Glass, along with Teddy Bear, and TV made a quick cameo in this episode sitting on a bench, but Magnifying Glass doesn't have his arms.


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