Magnety is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


Magnety is a rather large, metallic magnet, with a body that is in the shape of an arch. One end is red, whereas the other end is blue. He has only legs.


Magnety, similarly to Glovey since they are good friends, is kind of a sociopath. He changes his personality depending on who he’s around because he wants people to like him. Because of this, smarter people have made rivalries with him. He is not very strong, so he often loses when he’s in a fight. He is part of Evil Blaster’s Alliance and is a loyal member who gained the VIP status for being able to lure people with his magnetising Powers. However, he has been known to skip the smaller missions, because it “damages his reputation”, if it wasn’t damaged enough by the fact he’s a sociopath. Overall, Magnety is mainly disliked.

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