Magic Lamp Was Made By Engie49.


The Image Tells You About That! Why Do I Have To Explain That?!


He Is Always Willing To Help. He Will Also Grant Any Wish,But You Only Have 3 Wishes,Unless You Wish For More Wishes,That Way,You Could Use Him For Evil Purposes. He Is Forced To Grant Any Wish,Unless It Involves Harming His Friends,Which Is Forbidden. Coffin Took Note Of This Fellow,and Enslaved Him. Coffin's first wish Was For Infinite Wishes,His Next Wish Was That The Doomstone Would Be Revived. Ever Since,Magic Lamp Has Attempted To Seal Coffin Away. Magic Lamp Can Also See Into The Future,And Figured Out Coffin Would Soon Be Eliminated. Magic Lamp Still Has Not Been Saved. Coffin Has Betrayed His Teammates And Formed His Own Team,The Doombringers!!!

The Spooky Sponges,Medieval Maniacs And The Super Stars Must Stop Coffin.

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