Golf Ball

"I think I know what's going on, you bought M&M, didn't you!" - Golf Ball
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M&M Is A Male OC Made By Jordan B.


  • He Is Jordan B's 90th OC.
  • M&M is one of two contestants that didn't originate from Super Object Battle or Flipnote Object Battle, the others being Snowboard and Yarn. M&M came from Super Object City, however the characters in both series are completely different. M&M in Super Object City was female, and also was the "stereotypical nice" character.
  • Speaking of M&M not originating from either show, M&M's character actually originates from a skypecall between Jack, Windows, and TheAnimationStation, where Station suggested as a joke they add a character named M&M, whos also a rapper, based on the real rapper Eminem, forgetting about the previously existing character in Super Object City.
  • M&M is the leader of an alliance on Object Lockdown.
  • A different M&M appeared in the Show,Object stranded but OS  M&M has different personality


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