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A Funny, BFDI Themed Lol-a-pig


Firey: Lol a fire.

Firey Speaker Box: Lol a fire.

Leafy: Lol a leaf.

Firey Speaker Box: A leaf?

Firey: What?

Leafy: I'm a leaf! Not a fire!

Firey: Anyway, LOL.

Firey Speaker Box: LOL.


Firey: This game is crazy.

Firey Speaker Box: I say so too :)

Leafy: Lol a fire.

Firey: Lol a leaf.

Firey Speaker Box: Lol a leaf.

Leafy: HAHA we're doing opposite :)

Firey: Yeah :)

Firey Speaker Box: I love crazy games.

Firey: Lol a fire.

Firey Speaker Box: Lol a fire.

Leafy: Lol a leaf.

Pen: Lol a ballpoint pen.

Eraser: Lol a rubber eraser.

Blocky: Lol a building block.

Needle: Lol a sewing needle.

Pencil: Lol an graphite pencil.

Match: Lol a matchstick.

Bubble: Loil a boibble.

Golf Ball: Lol a golf ball.

Spongy: Lol a sponge.

Coiny: Lol a money.

Needle: You just not to say that.

Coiny: Okay, Lol a coin.

Pin: Lol a push pin.

Woody: uhhhhhh......

Teardrop: *Holding a sign called Lol a tear drop*

Rocky: BULLEH! *Barf comes out, Shows a letter says Lol a rock*

Flower: Lol a flower.

Ice Cube: I want revenge! Lol a cube of ice!

Firey: Why do you say that Ice Cube?

Snowball: Lol a ball of snow.

Tennis Ball: Lol a tennis ball.

Everyone: Lol objects!

Bomby: OH NO FIREY YOU LIT MY FUSE!!! (Instead saying Lol a bomb)


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  • This is the first BFDI themed episode.
    • But in the original, They are song, They are Cracktastic.
  • Bubble when saying she says o, oi and oy.
  • This includes season 1 characters.
    • But Bomby is only season 2 character in this.
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