Locky, labeled as the Hyperlistic Lock, is a female contestant on Object Overload.


In Set in Stone, Locky came out of Gamey's Christmas Presents and she happily greets everyone, she asked what was going on and that if a party was going on and Gamey says it's an elimination and Locky says and pronounces "elimination" wrong and says "elimination". Snowglobe's team was up for elimination and she interrupted whoever would be eliminated, the two people that could either be Lighter or Top Hat at the time. Gamey asked Locky and the other 3 newbies (TelevisionTiki, and Fly Swat) if they wanted to join the game and Locky states that she's going to tell her "Galpals" and thinks they're going to be so "jello" (Also known as "Jealous"). Once they join the game Gamey gives them free immunity tickets so they can't get voted off. Locky is placed on Clock's team (Team Time) with Television.

In Branching Out, she tells Top Hat the way he is talking to a teammate is not right, the two have minor confrontation and Locky walks off saying he isn't coming to his birthday party, she tells him that she was serving chocolate cake, leaving Top Hat on the spot, dumbfounded.


  • Locky got a re-design in the Object Overload tribute video along with PearlyDisc, and Ping Pong Ball.
  • It has been confirmed Locky's Birthday is November 6th.
  • In the Object Overload Reboot, she got cut.
  • Locky is the only newbie from Set to Stone to get cut.
    • She was also the only member of Team Time to be cut.
  • Locky is similar to Sierra from Total Drama.
    • They're both normally overly happy mostly.
    • They're both first generation newbies.
    • They both joined a show they're obsessed with.
  • Locky’s name sounds similar to Blocky’s from Battle For Dream Island.


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