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First Appearance

GUACAMOLE (The Reboot) Episode 1

Last Appearance



Being Evil, Demons


Being Nice, Angels


Naughty, Mean, Evil,

Little Horn is a main OC created by BattleReviews, he can create holes, and is very evil and naughty,


he got 2 Red eyes, got 2 Black Horns, is Black, and got 1 Tooth in the middle


He is Very mean and Likes to make other people sad, is also very naughty,


GUACAMOLE (The Reboot)

Episode 0

He Does the Challenge by going to Pyramid C in round 1, A in Round 2, and B in round 3, he got all 3 Artifacts together with school blazer, and thus, he becomes Team Captain, name names his team: Team Devil Evil

Episode 1

He got 3 questions right out of the 5 questions, despite this, he is UFE, he is safe,

Episode 2

There was a quiz as a challenge, Little Horn got 10 points from A, and 15/20 for B, despite this, he got UFE, he is safe,

Episode 3

Team Devil Evil gained more members due to unfairness, the challenge is to knock down the wall of Donald Trompas, and got a 9/20, despite this, he is safe,

Da Awesome Battle

Episode 1

He did the challenge, and needs to give the chicken a prize who crossed the road, however, the letter E is forbidden, he got 19/40 for the scores in total, he is placed on team 3, and is safe

Episode 2

Little Horn did the challenge, and needs to get a team name for team 3, his team name gave him -999 points, the team name eventually becomes Another Name, and now, he and the rest of Another name are UFE

Episode 3

Little Horn had 41.7% out of the 12 likes, and had 30% out of the dislikes, he got the prize, and the prize he chose was Shyren, later, in the challenge, he got 6/31 right, and is safe,

Episode 4

The Challenge was to get music, he used Can't be erased as music, but since he wotn judge it, he used randomizing for this, his team is safe

Episode 5

The Challenge was to advertise stuff, little horn got a 10/20 for the challenge, despite this, his team is not UFE,

Episode 6

The Challenge was to make a tem tem, he made a pentemgram, his team is safe,

Episode 7

nothing happened interesting here

Episode 10

He got Rekt Aka He got eliminated.

Episode 12

He rejoins.

Episode 13

He holes away the block


  • Little Horn is the first Evil OC to be created by BattleReviews
  • Little Horn is the first OC made by BattleReviews to have arms
  • Little Horn is also the First OC made by BattleReviews to be an non-object, gaster blaster is a gaster blaster, and dingle is some poo


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