Lexus Logo Pose

Lexus Logo is an OC made by BrownFamily1108. He is mostly happy due to himself and Lexus beating other car companies. He is Quilt's best friend.



His Best friend of all time.

Result: Best Friend

Raspberry Fizz

He is a good friend of Lexus Logo.

Result: Friends

Monsanto Logo's Alliance Members


Result: Enemies

Ford Logo was very angry at him, because Lexus was beating Ford so many times. Ford Logo really hated Lexus Logo as well, as they are arch-enemies. Lexus Logo ignores him when he talks about being a winner than Ford Logo.

Result: Arch-Enemies

Dress and Skirt

Good friends as well.

Result: Friends



Result: Enemies

He likes sports cars more, but he does like Lexus Logo also. But the Lexas LFA is a sports car, but the LFA is not made by Ferrari.

Result: Neutral


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