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"I think I know what's going on, you bought Letter Hurt And Heal Reboot, didn't you!" - Golf Ball
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Remake of the cancelled Letter Hurt And Heal. However, it's cancelled too.

Rules (Do NOT break the rules or else you'll get strikes)

  1. Only Jordan or Conner may edit!
  2. Wait every 2 hours, until you can hurt and heal again, expect JoeJoeTheAnimator.

Strikes (22 strikes, and your out)

None lel


Still Alive


Types of Hurt & Heals

  • Normal Heal - +1
  • Super Heal - +5
  • Big Heal - +10
  • Mega Heal - +20
  • Ultra Heal - +50
  • Hyper Heal - +75
  • Normal Hurt - -1
  • Super Hurt - -5
  • Big Hurt - -10
  • Mega Hurt - -20
  • Ultra Hurt - -50
  • Hyper Hurt - -75
  • HP starts at 50
  • Maximum HP is 200 (Consonant), 400 (Vowel)

Guys, start hurt and healing!


  • 7/11/17: 7 have been eliminated by you guys! In celebration of this, a new hurt and heal has been added, called Ultra Hurt and Heal! Also, All remaining contestants' HP go up by 100!
  • 1/5/18: 17 have been eliminated by you guys! A new hurt and heal has been added, called Hyper Hurt and Heal! Also, All vowels' HP go up by 50 and consonants go down by 50!
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