Lego bricks is made out of hard , small lego bricks which give her the ability to shapeshift. She can change colors depending on mood or what she transforms into, but she is usually blue. She has 1 pink leg and 1 green leg both also made of legos. In some images, she can be seen with 4 legs, like speed dicey.


She us very shy and usually hides her cute, high pitched voice. She has the tenancy to do somthing extreme (go skydiving for example), however, she regrets the decision quickly.


  • She is the only OT (object tribute) contestant to shape shift

She is also the first to have colored limbs

  • She is the third contestant to have 4 legs, even though these extra legs very. The other 2 are Shelfy and Speed Dicey.
  • She is one of the 4 that can fly. The other 3 are firework, Xwing, and H20


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