Jacknjellify's War of The Worlds - Leafy's Nightmare (Deleted Scene, REMASTERED)


Leafy and her friends are sleeping in the large bed.

  • Leafy: *Sniffs*, No..

Leafy starts breathing in scared of her nightmare.

Suddenly, Leafy is inside a nightmare hallucination with four Martian Tripods are killing everyone at dusk.

  • Blocky: (In hallucination nightmare) LEAFY!!!! RUN!!!!!
  • Leafy: What?

A Martian Tripod starts to fire a missile at Leafy. She dodges it.

  • Lollipop: (Blasted by a Tripod) AAAAAAAGGGHHHH!!!!!!!
  • Blocky: Leafy? What are you standing there for? RUN! *impaled by a Tripod's leg*
  • Leafy: (gasps and runs back)
  • Book: WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!
  • Pin, Paper: (Blasted by a Tripod) AAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!
  • Ruby: FLOWER!!!
  • Can, Flower: (Dragged by Tripod) AAAAHHH!!!!!!
  • Golf Ball: GO!!! GO!!!! GO!!!!
  • Pen: RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!
  • Rocky: *Crying Loud*
  • Donut: MOMMY!!!! (Blasted by Tripod) AAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!
  • Marble (OO): RUN!!!!!!
  • Jet Engine: HELP ME!!!!!!! (Blasted by Tripod) AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!
  • M&M: YO!!! HURRY UP YOU MOTHER- *Crushed by Martian Tripod's Foot*
  • Bandana: RUN! IT BE ATTACKING US!!!! (Blasted by Tripod) AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!

Party Hat runs away from the tripods, nearly falling off a cliff, but Shieldy catches him.

  • Shieldy: I... can't hold on much longer...
  • Party Hat: I'm slipping fast! I'm going to die! I will sacrifice myself to let you live on. Any last words to me before I die?
  • Shieldy: Don't do that, we're best friends!
  • Party Hat: I love you too... *slips and falls onto the ground, getting eaten by Martian Invaders*
  • Shieldy: Party Hat! No! We were friends! *tears up, starts crying*
  • Leafy: *trips and falls over*

The towering Tripod looms over Leafy. Leafy wakes up and turns on the light. The objects groan.

  • Firey: Seriously, Leafy. Why this early? *gets up, wearing nothing but orangish-yellow boxer shorts* It's about 051544 AM space time right now.
  • Leafy: Morning Already? Wow, time does fly by fast. And a bit too late for a nightmare.
  • Firey: Nightmare?
  • Leafy: You know what? Yes.
  • Cheesy: Oh no.. That's horrible!
  • Puffball: Yikes!
  • Kite: Now i saw it! It was a GIANT robotic thing, with a eye laser on it's head and three legs!
  • Milkshake: Yes! And i saw a creature with a BIG one eye and three legs, and that torso looks like a waist with a head and tentacles and HORRIBLE MONSTERS!!!!! AHH!!
  • Ruby: I have a feeling that... *start to dress up* that Leafy might be right. *picks up skirt* I mean, there are already Martians back in Goiky, right? So Mars might be the same. Mars might have the same predicament as us. *puts on skirt* Besides, what have they faced that we have not?
  • Tennis Ball: Your right, but you can't just throw them off the bus for something like that.
  • Ruby: *putting on jacket* I'm not doing that. And you know it. *starts to head out the door*
  • Test Tube: Ruby! You know better than to wear a skirt outside! The gravity is not the same as Earth in Space, it's 0.0 newtons! And-
  • Ruby: Don't worry. With new technologies, we can survive out in space. *goes outside*

Once outside, Ruby stares down the patio, where she sees an onimous dark space over Mars. Ruby sighs.

  • Ruby: *sighs* This does not look good.


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