Lavender Domino is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


Lavender Domino is like Purple Domino, however the colour is lighter. Unlike Purple Domino, Lavender Domino has arms and legs instead of just legs (Lavender Domino is also Male, whereas Purple Domino is a female). Lavender Domino has 6 spots on his top block. On his bottom block, there are 2 spots.


Lavender Domino is rather timid and doesn’t talk to the other dominoes, so usually does things on his own. He sometimes smells bad, which is something he’s ashamed of, which also makes the other objects not want to hang out with him. Lavender Domino has a brain that works well; he is quite good at solving puzzles.


  • Lavender Domino likes sports.
  • Lavender Domino sometimes does creepy things.
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