"Wait, WHAT! LFFSBTJTM is Cancelled! Bring It Back!, NOW!" - Yellow Circle
LFFSBTJTM is cancelled. Be aware that future updates on this article are unlikely to be seen, and additional information should be accompanied by a source to confirm it.

L.F.F.S.B.T.J.T.M. (Lattes Fighting For Something Because Theres Just Too Much) is another camp by Insanipedia.

Sign ups

Go ahead and sign up. Note that you can sign up a latte with a non-food-item latte (example is Cement)

Don't forget that toppings-including the cinnamon stick-is optional.

  1. Chocolate Latte (BM44)
  2. Caramel Latte (U4Again)
  3. Vanilla Latte (BrownFamily1108)
  4. Cherry Blossom Latte (TheTwistedMangle)
  5. Peppermint Latte (IWuvChocolate)
  6. Mocha with Jacket Latte (NLG343)
  7. Cinnamon Latte (Kirby X NEO)
  8. Blue Rasberry Latte (JoeJoeTheAnimator)
  9. Bubblegum Latte (PikminComet)
  10. Crystal Latte (Poudretteite The Aristocrat)
  11. French Vanilla Latte (EssieOnWikia)
  12. Soda Latte (Alex0421)
  13. Strawberry Latte (TheRobloxianGuy67)
  14. Watermelon Latte (MrMenCentral)


Like many camps, there will be tokens! Note that you can only use one at a time, just to remove opness.

Win Token - Divides your votes by two.

Immunity Token - Automatically safe at an elimination. You get a maximum of 3 immunities to remove opness.

Revenge Token - Divides your votes by two. These votes are given to another latte U.F.E. of your choice.

Swap Token - Swaps votes with another latte U.F.E. of your choice.

Yoyle Token - You can guess what this is. Turns you into yoyle metal for the entire episode. Not very useful.

Guess Token - If used, you have to guess how many votes you have. The difference between your guess and your votes are the new number of your votes.

Co-operation Token - If two lattes use it, their scores are lower than the two.

Zoroark Token/Illusion Token - Straight from The Object OC Camp (credit to Alex)! This token disguises as a Yoyle Token. If you use it, you disappear for the next episode, meaning you don't have to do anything. You get only one Zoroark Token at a time to remove opness.

First Token - The first voter's vote is the only one that counts.

Acquire Token - If you use it, every token used at an elimination will be given to you.

Theft Token - You can steal one token from another latte U.F.E. of your choice with a token once you use it.

Preserve Token - If used with another token, you can use that token any elimination but the elimination you used the Preserve Token.

Multi Token - Use this with two tokens (other than Preserve, Multi, and Zoroark tokens) at an elimination.


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