Knight Helmet is very heroic, and doesn’t think chivalry is dead(wich it is, please shut this guy up😓), and it annoys others, a LOT. But he can show to be wise and experienced, as standing up for Sketchy when she was encouraging her teammates. He also enjoys to tell stories and likes to give a scare, and is very durable, being that whenever anyone punches or hits him, he feels nothing, and not even a scratch is seen.


Knight Helmet is a silver War Helmet, seeming to be very durable and in great condition, possibly hinting at he is very hygienic, and somewhat of a secret neat freak. He sports a red medieval feather that, at least he says it is true, he once defeated a red Phoenix, and no one believes him, except for sword. He has all four limbs and his helmet flap covers his eyes, wich are dazzling blue, wich he feels embarrassed whenever they accidentally get shown out in front of the public, wich he usually keeps well hidden, However.

  • Trivia
  • He was originally planned to be named War helm, rather than Knight Helmet, but I noticed there was already an OC with the same name, so, I decided to change it.
  • Knight Helmet is/was my tenth OC I created, so far.
  • He Is the most elderly object in TGRFTMR.
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