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Firey: Fred “Freddy” Devin Darrell

Leafy: Lacey Patience Blackwood

Bubble: Beatrice Nova Hartmann

Flower: Flora Wendi Evelyn

Spongy: Simon Bryan Smithers

Rocky: Rocky Thaddeus Velour

Ice Cube: Ivy Liberty Bourne

Blocky: Blake Alexander Hayden

Woody: Woody Kirk Vargas

Pin: Penelope Dorris Ansel

Needle: Natalie Aura Christopherson

Teardrop: Teresa Jacqueline Thompsett

Golf Ball: Grace Renee York

Coiny: Cary Glenn Kingston

Snowball: Saul Cyrus Parish

Match: Mariah Bonnie Jakeman

Eraser: Eric Foster Abney

Pen: Benjamin “Ben” Dillon Hewitt

Pencil: Penelope “Penny” Virginia Murgatroyd

Tennis Ball: Theodore “Teddy” Nathaniel Downer

David: David Delano Bass 8-Ball: Ethan Abner Mathers

Balloony: Barney Woodrow Sargent

Barf Bag: Bertha Rona Timberlake

Basketball: Barbara Rochelle Willard

Bell: Belle Winifred Steele

Bomby: Robert “Bobby” Terrence Watson

Book: Brooke Courtney Blackman

Clock: Calvin Randall Renell

Cloudy: Corey Royce Tailor

Lightning: Liam Kenneth Irvine (born Liana Kendra Irvine before he came out as transgender)

Dora: Dora Eunice Marquez

Eggy: Elly Deanna Harrison

Fanny: Fanny Kathryn London

Fries: Frank “Frankie” Red Travers

Grassy: Gary Korey Smith

Marker: Mark Elwyn Brassington

Naily: Nancy Zena Brett

Pie: Pauline Ruth Watts

Pillow: Peach Calla Dickens

Remote: Reba Isabel Gage

Roboty: Unchanged

Robot Flower: Robot Flora

Ruby: Ruby Alexandria Rowe

Saw: Shawna Hannah Nixon

Taco (BFDI): Tabitha Brandy Woods

Tree: Trey Braxton Jennings

TV: Unchanged

Liy: Lila Rachael Burns

Foldy: Farrah Tia Fabian

Loser: Luther Quincy Denman

Stapy: Stanley Lachlan Chase

Puffball: Pandora Maude Freeman

Yellow Face: Yves Myron Rowntree

Gelatin: Gabriel Wendell Harden

Bottle: Bonnie Adrianne Pond

Bracelety: Brittany Holly Moore

Cake: Clyde Carlton Ellsworth (born Clara Carrie Ellsworth before coming out as transgender)

Gaty: Greta Lita Morse (born Gerry Leif Morse before coming out as transgender)

Black Hole: William “Bill” Alexander Randall

Announcer: Unchanged

Firey Speaker Box: Freddy Speaker Box

Flower Speaker Box: Flora Speaker Box

Four: Felix Abraham Aitken

X: Xavier Garrett Brownlow

Inanimate Insanity

OJ: Orson Julius “OJ” Dalton

Taco: Tara Pamela Little

Paper: Parker Wayne Henderson

Pickle: Pierce Henry Lang

Bow: Bailee Barbara Cobb

Apple: April Angel Randolph

Marshmallow: Marsha Charla Walker

Bomb: Robert “Bob” Foster Shelton

Paintbrush: Payton Rosalyn Cruz

Salt: Sally Tabitha Williams

Pepper: Patricia “Patty” Macy Shaffer

Balloon: Beau Conor Shepherd

Nickel: Nicholas “Nick” Alva Barnett

Knife: Knox Scott Parsons

Lightbulb: Leigh Coral Crawford

Baseball: Brandon Ethan Gates

Tissues: Timothy “Timmy” Rusty Barker

Cherries: Charles Ryan and Charlie Braxton McCann

Trophy: Troy Jarvis Reynolds

Box: Unchanged

Yin-Yang: Ludwig “Yin-Yang” Ray Verona

Cheesy: Chester Alexander Milburn

Soap: Sophie Clare Herberts

Suitcase: Susanne Dedenne Abney

Microphone: Michelle Jillian Warren

Test Tube: Tessa Constance Blackbourne

Fan: Finn Trent Huang

MePhone4: Melvin Grady Taft

MePad: Manuel Lee Taft

MePhone4S: Marcus Dax Taft

Toilet: Tony Parker Fousse

Where They're From


Firey: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Leafy: Louisville, Kentucky

Bubble: Munich, Germany

Flower: Whitby, Ontario, Canada

Spongy: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Ice Cube: Oslo, Norway (moved to Raleigh, North Carolina at age 6)

Rocky: Bismarck, North Dakota

Blocky: Miami, Florida

Woody: Fort Wayne, Indiana

Pin: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Needle: Knoxville, Tennessee

Teardrop: Denver, Colorado

Golf Ball: Helena, Montana

Coiny: Pierre, South Dakota

Snowball: Fair Lawn, New Jersey

Match: Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan

Eraser: Miami, Florida

Pen: Miami, Florida

Pencil: Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan

Tennis Ball: Waxahachie, Texas

David: Columbus, Ohio

8-Ball: Gastonia, North Carolina

Balloony: Canton, Illinois

Barf Bag: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Basketball: Dallas, Texas

Bell: Washington, District Of Columbia

Bomby: Santa Barbara, California

Book: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Clock: Sacramento, California

Cloudy: Helinski, Finland

Lightning: Houston, Texas

Dora: Mexico City, Mexico

Eggy: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Fanny: Nashville, Tennessee

Fries: Springfield, Massachusetts

Grassy: Concord, New Hampshire

Marker: Los Angeles, California

Naily: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Pie: Sitka, Alaska

Pillow: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Remote: New York City, New York

Roboty: Shanghai, China

Robot Flower: Tokyo, Japan

Ruby: Mobile, Alabama

Saw: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Taco (BFDI): Austin, Texas

TV: Glasgow, Scotland

Puffball: Lakewood, Washington State

Yellow Face: Anaheim, California

Gelatin: Scottsdale, Arizona

Liy: San Diego, California

Foldy: Lake Charles, Louisiana

Stapy: Lake Charles, Louisiana

Loser: Rochester, Minnesota

Bracelety: La Puente, California

Bottle: Lafayette, Louisiana

Gaty: Rochester, New York

Cake: San Diego, California

Lollipop: Canton, Illinois

Announcer: New York City, New York

Firey Speaker Box: New York City, New York

Flower Speaker Box: New York City, New York

Puffball Speaker Box: New York City, New York

Four: Rapid City, South Dakota

X: Rapid City, South Dakota

Inanimate Insanity

OJ: Boston, Massachusetts

Taco: Dartford, England

Paper: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Pickle: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Bow: Detroit, Michigan

Apple: Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Marshmallow: Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Bomb: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Paintbrush: Laredo, Texas

Salt and Pepper: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Balloon: Fort Worth, Texas

Nickel: Layton, Utah

Knife: Roosevelt, New York

Lightbulb: Orlando, Florida

Baseball: Irvine, California

Tissues: Stockholm, Sweden

Cherries: Lewisville, Texas

Trophy: Baltimore, Maryland

Box: Beijing, China

Yin-Yang: Florence, Italy

Cheesy: Azalea Park, Florida

Soap: San Diego, California

Suitcase: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Fan: Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Test Tube: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Microphone: Farmersville, California



Inanimate Insanity



Inanimate Insanity

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